Kel McDonald

Kel McDonald is a comic creator whose work focuses on magic and folklore, particularly werewolves. Their stories character writing and deconstructing the way stories are structured.

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E.D. "Luck" MacDonald

Luck is a comics creator and writer who tells character-driven stories about affection, altruism, and consequences through a fantastical lens. Jokes feature frequently and inescapably. They make the ongoing webcomic Arrhythmia, an adventure story about a cast of unlikely bedfellows finding joy in one another in the face of cruelty and conflicting duties.

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Evan Dahm

Evan has been making and self-publishing big fantasy-adventure graphic novels since 2006. Vattu is a huge otherworldly fantasy-anthropological narrative currently being serialized at


Lindsey Moore

Lindsey is a comic artist and illustrator from the Pacific Northwest. They work traditionally in ink and watercolor and their favorite subject is dragons and the lush forests they grew up in. Their current project is a graphic novel called Throne of the Fire King, which is about two rival dragon kids thrown together on an epic quest and forced to put aside their differences in order to save the day.

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Chris H. Riley

Chris is a chronically ill trans artist from Montreal in Canada. They're currently working on the long term project Yokoka's Quest, an adventure fantasy webcomic with RPG-like elements to it to tell the story of an impulsive cat girl escaping her boring mundane life to explore the world.

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Pancho Domínguez

Pancho Domínguez is a comic artist and illustrator living in Monterrey, Mexico. He draws the real world through the lens of a brain that watched too much TV, playing with stereotypes, clichés and the cartoonish reality that we are fed through the media. He is currently working on his ongoing comic series, Contacto Violento, a story about martial arts, power and violence!

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Suzanne Geary

Suzanne's primary comic project since 2014, Brainchild is a paranormal whodunnit about scrambling to preserve the mundanity of one's relationships while entwined in a web of mutants and mystery. Updates on Sundays.

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A.L. Kaplan

Cartoonist in the Wild West telling queer narratives in sci-fi/horror settings. Artist on MAW. His webcomic FULL-SPECTRUM THERAPY is about two delinquent boys struggling to connect amid psychedelic aliens and emotional trauma in post-invasion Reno, Nevada.

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J Dalton

JD makes comics about strange worlds inhabited by ordinary people. He lives in Vancouver but plans on relocating to the Oort Cloud as soon as possible. His past comics include the Xeric-winning Lords of Death and Life, and A Mad-Tea-Party. Phobos and Deimos is the story of Maida, a refugee from Mars, who must survive high school on a planet with a different language, a different culture, and three times as much gravity as she's used to.

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Blue Delliquanti

Blue's work explores the intersections between queer love and identity and groundbreaking technological change. From 2012 to 2020 they serialized O Human Star, in which an inventor awakens from the dead in a robot body and faces the consequences of choices made in life.

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Jenn Woodall

Jenn Woodall is an award-winning illustrator and cartoonist who lives in Toronto, Ontario. She has a Bachelor of Design from OCADU in Illustration as well as a BDes in Fashion Design. She self-publishes her own comics and also has her work distributed and published through Silver Sprocket, based in San Francisco. Her first original graphic novel, 'Space Trash', is being released by Oni Press in September 2022.

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Marc Michaud

Marc Michaud is a cartoonist working on ARC29, one half of HΩME, a sci-fi series that he creates with his brother Daniel. Each of them tells their own stories set in a shared universe. His low-stakes, character centric stories are drawn in black and white with a rural feel and a touch of the supernatural. Two volumes of HΩME have been published to date by New Friday/Lev Gleason and Marc continues to make mini comics of his upcoming contributions, the most recent of which won the 'Salt and Honey' best sci-fi mini comic of 2021.

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Ramón Perales Cano

Ramón Perales Cano is an independent comics author from La Mancha. Fascinated with classic genre-defining authors such as Ursula K. Le Guin and Gene Wolfe, he tries to explore science-fantasy worlds through the beauty of sequential narration. You will find him collaborating with colleagues and friends in anthologies such as Book of Fuligin.

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An animation-influenced comic artist, k.e. "krad" draws sleazy Leather and messy people with messy lines. Created IRON CROWN and has works in various zines and other ephemeral nonsense. Has no standards or shame.

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SE Case

LSE Case is the creator of Rigsby WI and Cheap Thrills, and had been making webcomics since 2007. Her character-driven, slice-of-life comics focus on the interpersonal relationships that make it possible to navigate an unforgiving world. Rigsby WI updates Mondays and Wednesdays.

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Pierre Roset

Pierre is a queer illustrator and cartoonist living in the wild west of the USA, born and raised in the French Caribbean. He explores the threads between psychological stories and traditional comic genres such as action, SF, horror. His work can be found on Webtoons, Tapas, and various anthologies.

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Don Arvidsson

Don is a Finnish artist living and working in Sweden. They love to combine the unexpected nature of watercolor painting with character-driven, emotionally charged stories that explore themes like self-esteem, memories and healing. Most recently they've worked as the illustrator for a newspaper comic strip.

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J. Scott

J. Scott is an American cartoonist from Baltimore, Maryland who has worked on such keystone titles as Rick and Morty and Scott Pilgrim. They produce their own original queer juvenile delinquent series ‘PLEASE PLEASE FORGET ME’ currently for free on their website, with access to early pages through Patreon. They are probably drinking coffee somewhere and squinting at some kind of super homosexual book.

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NYC native and preliminary comic artist specializing in extreme gore, psychological horror, hard scifi, and generally how ridiculous sex is. His most notorious efforts include the 1000-page collaborative monstrosity SAD SACK and the uncomfortable autobio comic ROTTEN.

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Maggie G. Vicknair

Maggie G. Vicknair has poured her love of all things horror fiction into her ongoing webcomic Horror Hospital School, which is a comic about a girl’s boarding school that is also a hospital. A story about women, monsters, and monstrous women in black, white, and red. Updates Tues and Thurs.

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Kaylee Rowena

Kaylee Rowena is an NYC-based comic creator and illustrator with a passion for all things haunted. Her work explores houses and the infinite complex emotions contained within, as well as lesbian identity, ghost stories, and the color pink.

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Stefani Vlusha

Stefani is a comic artist and a writer. Growing up struggling to communicate, art became the breach between what they struggled to say and their peers. They create work exploring relationships, alternating reality, and the conflict with staying grounded in the ever-changing definition of self, believing that horror is the most forgiving tool for these explorations.

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Abigail Lee

Abigail Lee is a comic and story artist and self-proclaimed scaredy-cat. She has recently taken a liking to creating horror and uses her experiences of being Korean American, the things that scare her, and her itchy skin as inspiration. Abigail likes to experiment with different colors and textures with each minicomic that she makes. Currently, she is working on her own horror comic anthology.

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Zach Hazard Vaupen

Zach creates comics and illustrations using mixed 2D and 3D digital techniques, mainly dealing with social and political issues, with emphasis on the strange and menacing.

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SCUMSUCK is an Asian-American cartoonist who combines the cute and grotesque in the chaos of traditional brush n' ink. Pretentious yaoi spawns from SCUMSUCK's mindwomb, featuring a revolving cast of characters who deal with obsession, necromance, sexual ambiguity, and excruciating mundanity. DIY zines are SCUMSUCK's preferred method of self-publishing comics.

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R. Smith

R. Smith is a Canadian cartoonist with years of experience writing, drawing and collaborating on comics. Projects range from inclusive material for young adults, to fun whimsy suitable for all ages. A lot of material to explore and enjoy no matter your reading preferences!

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A.C. Esguerra

A.C. Esguerra is a comics author and artist who specializes in traditional ink and watercolor. Their work combines poetic narrative with intricate visuals to create elegant, subversive stories that blur the lines between fantasy and history. Their graphic novel debut was EIGHTY DAYS, an award-winning queer romance about pilots in an alternate 1930s.

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Sloane Leong

Sloane's work explores the visceral & psychic parallels between the biological & the cosmic through a throbbing neon lens. She tells stories within sci-fi, horror, and fantasy settings across mediums. She's most well-known for her ongoing psychedelic sci-fi series Prism Stalker.

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Sunmi is a cartoonist/만화가 whose work explores emotional distances, gender deviant fantasies, the paradoxes and failures of the American Dream: all within a framework of queer + Korean diasporic identity, history, & mythology. They work with publishers of all sizes, but most of all prefer to print and staple their own zines.

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Anna Bowles

Anna is a cartoonist and illustrator who primarily works in ink and watercolour. She uses traditional mediums to bring a sense of timelessness and humour to her work, drawing inspiration from artists such as Rembrandt, Beatrix Potter, and Bill Watterson. She is the illustrator of GRAVENEYE (TKO 2021).

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Sajan Rai

Sajan makes has an ongoing project of capturing an imagined world through illustrated haiku poems - non-linear and from an unseen narrator. Also makes silly comics.


Joanna Krótka

Joanna is an artist from Poland. She specialises in editorial illustration and surface patterns, sometimes dabs her fingers in comics. Themes in her works include mostly psychedelia, horror and sci-fi with melancholic undertones.

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Beatrix Urkowitz

Beatrix Urkowitz makes comics in Providence, Rhode Island. Her work deals in the joys and agonies of wrongness, the sweetness and pettiness of queer socialization, and terrible, captivating women who, each in her own way, control the universe. She's currently developing "Penelope's Property," her first graphic novel.

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Pa-Luis is a self-taught Spanish illustrator and comic artist living in the sunny side of Spain. Through their art, they look for new ways to show the world around us, with a magic touch focused on intense feelings and nature connected. Pa has been self-publishing their own comics since 2019, recently provided work for different and successful Kickstarter campaigning, for galleries such QPopShop and Light Grey Art Lab, and for Lucky Pocket Press with "We Live on Earth" Ignatz awarded, promising new talent 2021.

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Dirchansky is a storyteller and comic creator living on the lands of Indigenous people in 'Canada'. They experiment with all genres and styles, but gravitate towards creating stories with subtle character feelings, expressions, gestures, interactions, and relationships. Dirchansky is also part of an arts and comics collective called Love Love Hill, where they've self-published zines, comics, etc. for over twenty years.

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Manda Conti

Manda Conti is an illustrator and comic artist from São Paulo, Brasil. Their work tends to address questions about time, memory, difficulties of communication and suspension with a subtle and poetic tone, experimenting with formats, grids and non-linear narratives. They work mainly on traditional mediums - graphite, charcoal, ink - to bring texture, softness and a somewhat familiar atmosphere to their drawings.

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C. A. P. Ward

C. A. P. Ward is a queer black cartoonist and illustrator working on heartfelt genre stories. Their work often uses vibrant colors, panel layouts, and environments to convey the emotions their characters grapple with. Ward has worked with Quindrie Press, The Usual Choices Anthology, and Lost In Cult but is primarily self-published.

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Reimena Yee

Strange and fancy illustrator and comics creator with a fascination for the whimsical, the macabre and sublime. Reimena makes artistically and narratively experimental webcomics that evoke the medium's visual ties to art history. In their spare time they write about craft and process.

Comics - Blog - Newsletter/Kofi

Sage Coffey

Goofy, sardonic, and a little spooky, Sage Coffey's work focuses on the rich interior lives of their strange characters and sharing their own experiences as a trans nonbinary person. Sage is best known for their work with The New Yorker, The Washington Post, and the GLAAD Award nominated game BUGSNAX.

Website - Twitter - Insta

Ren Strapp

Ren Strapp is a butch lesbian comic artist inspired by zines, tattoos, and risographs. She loves imperfections and the hasty, ephemeral nature of art. Her slice-of-life comedy series REINE is published on Autostraddle. She is working on her first traditionally published graphic novel HOW COULD YOU (Oni Press, 2024) and her pulpy lesbian werewolf webcomic THE SHEPHERD'S SWORD.

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Elaine M. Will

Elaine M. Will is a Joe Shuster and Xeric Award winning cartoonist and illustrator from Saskatchewan, Canada, most well-known as the author of the webcomic/graphic novel Look Straight Ahead. Much of her comics work explores the theme of mental illness - the way it feels to live with and the ways in which it is often misunderstood. Elaine's comics are primarily self published but have also appeared in several anthologies, including the recent mental health themed "Through The Labyrinths of the Mind" from Cloudscape Comics.

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Audra Winslow

Audra is a cartoonist from Florida that grew up very quiet and soft-spoken, and uses comics as a way to express themselves and the world around them.Their middle-grade OGN "Jo and Rus" was published by Boom! In 2021.

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A. T. Pratt

A. T. Pratt is a cartoonist, professor and publisher from NYC. Has been self-publishing comics for over ten years, often including handmade special features like pop-ups and fold-outs, ranging in genre from autobio to horror to "funny animals" and more.

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Alexander Laird

Alexander Laird is from Toronto originally but lives in Brooklyn now. He self-publishes his own comics almost exclusively with risograph printing. He uses a variety of mediums (pencil, watercolour, pixely, clay) to tell a variety of stories (goofy gags, sci-fi, fantasy, spooky.) He likes when genre and forms bleed into each other. He hosts a comic reading/comedy/video show called Big Milk monthly in Brooklyn as well. His current ongoing comic series he is working on is a sci-fi called Burg Land!

Website - Insta - Twitter

Will Tempest

Will Tempest is an illustrator and cartoonist based in the UK. His work explores strange planets and bizarre civilisations through the lens of fantasy, science fiction and horror.

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Riotbones is a queer illustrator and comic artist from the Philippines with a passion for all things haunting, dark, and tender—anything that celebrates the euphoria and the devastation of the human condition. Specializing in narrative work and illustration, they've worked for various magazines and indie games, but are drawn in particular to storytelling, especially when it comes to horror and fantasy. In 2021, they participated in The End is Nigh by Light Grey Art Lab, an exhibition about the allegories, symbols, stories, characters, and rituals surrounding death, held in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

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